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Updated: Apr 23


Scotty Wennerstrom was eager for the east coast swing of Supercross to begin. Saturday in Arlington marked the home state race for Scotty and having the friends and family on the property was something exciting to look forward to. Scotty’s day began great as he took to the track inside AT&T stadium with aggression. He was focused on figuring out the track as quickly as he could so he could nail down a time before the before the soft soils began to break down. Needless to say, the Orange Texas dirt meshed well with Scotty as he was putting in some of the best looking laps of the season. He finished about mid pack in his group in the first session and came out swinging when the second one began. Scotty shaved 3 seconds off of his time in this one and was looking strong. By the end of overall qualifying, the track seemed to get faster through the next few sessions of other riders as the ruts began to speed up the corners. Unfortunately, Scotty was barely bumped out of qualifying contention. He would take the positives and prepare for the drive to Florida for the next one. 

Josh Greco

Josh Greco was also excited for the East Coast swing of things when the day began in the Dallas area of Texas. East meant Josh would move up the 450 class and he knew it was going to be tough. Josh hit the track will full intention when his first session began and he looked comfortable. He began to lower his times lap after lap and was looking confident going into the qualifying sessions. The first session didn’t go as well as he had hoped as the conditions were a little bit slicker than they appeared. He knew he would give it his all in the second. Ready for one more shot, Josh launched off the line and began dialing in the lines to create the best lap possible. As the session continued, so did the tracks decay and Josh was trying everything he could to get a clean lap. Unfortunately, by the end, he would narrowly miss out on the the Qualifying spot. He will take what he learned and head East for next weekend in Daytona.


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