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LS2 Race Report: Arlington 2 2021


Kyle Chisholm continues to prove he is one of the most consistent riders of all time. Each week he continues to be in the Main Events dicing it up and Tuesday was no different. When practice began, Kyle qualified a very impressive 20th overall fastest and was ready to get to racing. When the gate dropped for the Heat Kyle launched off the gate and got to work, he continued to make passes and finished up 7th, punching his ticket to his 11th Main Event of the year. Kyle did what he does best when the Main began and finished up 15th overall on the night. On to Round 12 this weekend.


Cade Clason has been on an incredible streak of Main Events this season and he was determined to keep it going on Tuesday. Cade was just a little bit off in qualifying but he wasn’t worried. When the gate dropped for his Heat, Cade found himself in the back and was doing everything he could to move forward. He would finish up 16th and go on to the LCQ. When this race began, Cade again did not get the best jump, but he got to work. He kept his head down and continued to make passes. He made his way all the way up to fifth and the battle was on. He continued to close in on the 4th place rider and on the second to last lap, made the pass. The other rider went off the track and accelerated past Cade and was eventually docked for the move. Cade would go on to the main and finish 18th.


Joan Cros has been on a steady train of improvement all season long. He was ready to get even better when the practice sessions began in Texas. Joan found his groove quickly and was setting some very impressive lap times. Joan qualified 30th and was ready for some gate drops. When the Heat race began, Joan launched off the gate and got to work. He was making moves and continuing to push as the laps clicked off. Then just like that, the checkered flag flew, and Joan had secured a qualifying spot, punching his ticket to the Main for the first time EVER. He would go on to finish 22nd overall on the night.


Josh Greco has been on the up and up as of late and he was ready to continue the trend in Dallas on Tuesday. Josh looked strong and aggressive and was hammering out the laps as the qualifying sessions continued. Josh qualified just inside the top 40 and was ready to do work under the lights. Josh Lined up on the outside for his Heat and did his best to run with the best of them down the start straight. Josh would settle for 19th and go on to the LCQ. When this race began, a similar start would allow him a 17th place finish ending his night in Texas.


Josh Cartwright was ready to continue his return to Supercross when practice began on Tuesday. Right away, Josh was looking more confident than just a few days ago and the stop watched reflected it. Josh was shredding through the Texas soil and was able to put in a lap time good enough for 23rd fastest overall. With tons of much needed confidence, Josh lined up for his heat race and was ready to go. His very inside gate made him second guess it almost immediately as he got pinched off going into the first corner. Then a mishap would force him to go back to the truck and regroup. When the LCQ began, Josh again got an unfavorable start but was able to climb up to 13th by the end.


Ryan Surratt was looking just as flashy as always when the day began on Tuesday in Cowboys stadium. He took a liking to the red Texas dirt and clicked off some solid lap times. By the end of qualifying he posted a time right outside the top 20 and was ready to get to racing. In Ryans Heat race, he had a decent jump off the gate but was swallowed up quickly by the angry swarm around him. He crossed the line in 14th by the end. In the LCQ, Ryan launched off to one of his characteristically great starts and was top 2 going through the first rhythm section. Unfortunately a couple mistakes would cause him to shuffle back and he would cut his night short.


Chase Marquier was getting more and more comfortable on his new bike and it was easy to see in Texas on Tuesday. Chase found his flow early on in qualifying and continued to impress. He would qualify a very commendable 21st and was ready to drop the gate. When his Heat race started, Chase was flowing with confidence. He was doing everything he could to move forward but unfortunately would finish in 10th just one spot out of qualifying position. In the LCQ, a bad start would force Chase to call it a night early. On to Arlington 3!


Addison Emory has been doing his best this season but unfortunately bad luck has plagued him. He was eager to turn that around when practice began for him on Tuesday. He was looking good and found some really fast lines as the sessions continued. Addison would fall just short of qualifying for the night program but would take the experience and go on to the next round.


Bubba Pauli was ready to go when the day began on Tuesday morning inside AT&T Stadium. He has been enjoying the Texas swing of things and it was easy to see as he took a liking to the perfect soil. Bubba was doing everything he could but he would fall just short due to the stacked entry list. On to next Saturday!


David Pulley has been really working hard this season and he has been very eager to show it. When practice began in Arlington on Tuesday David was looking great but unfortunately his efforts were halted as the rear wheel on his bike began to come apart. He was forced to call it a day.


Scotty Wennerstrom was enjoying his time in Texas and he was happy to be back racing on a Tuesday. The track inside Cowboys stadium had been completely redone and Scotty was excited to try it out. When practice began he found his lines quickly and did his best to put in a time good enough for the night show. Unfortunately the stacked class outnumbered him and he was forced to call it a night as he qualified just outside the top 40.

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