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LS2 Race Report: Arlington 1 2021


Kyle Chisholm was sad to see the series move out of his home state of Florida but was eager to dig into that Texas soil. Arlington has a very distinguishable orange dirt that makes for fantastic dirt bike racing. Kyle got his day started in usual fashion with steady times. He qualified just outside the top 20 and knew his work was cut out for him. Kyle launched off the gate when his Heat race began and went to work. He made his way into the position needed and finished just inside the top 9. When the Main Event began, Kyle had a poor gate pick and was forced to let off the throttle sooner than expected going into the first corner. He put his head down and made it into the top 15 by the time the checkered flag flew.


Cade Clason has been on the up and up as of late and was ready to continue to do so when the early morning program began inside Dallas Cowboy Stadium. Cade started off strong and finished up even stronger, qualifying 21st overall in the premier division. He would line up for the gate looking to continue his Main Event streak. Cade got a mid pack start and was doing all the work he could to move forward. He would fall just short of qualifying position and would have to lay it all on the line for the LCQ. When this race began Cade ripped one of his fantastic starts and made his way into the lead early. He continued to ride the ebbs and flows of the track as his lead would grow and shrink. It looked like he had it in the bag when suddenly he lost a couple of positions on the last lap. Nevertheless, Cade would go on to the Main where he finished 19th overall on the weekend.


Ryan Surratt was right back to his flashy ways when the day of qualifying began inside Dallas Cowboys’ Stadium. It was hard to miss him as he was flying around the track throwing down nap naps, whips, and scrubs. Ryan put in a very confident qualifying time and was looking to back up his impressive performance from the week before. The Heat race didn’t exactly go Ryans’ way but that was ok because he knew exactly what he was going to do in the LCQ. When the gate finally dropped for this one, Ryan jumped out into a half a bike length lead instantaneously. He secured himself in the lead and began to lay down some heaters. His speed and style were impressive and it was exactly what was needed to punch his ticket to the Main. He would finish 20th overall on the night.


Josh Cartwright made his long awaited return to Supercross this weekend in Orlando. He was cleared by his doctors and was ready to start testing the waters again. When practice began, Josh immediately took it upon himself to start slow and he did just that. Wait, wait, one more lap, then he would lay down a heater and easily top the board in his sessions. It was like second nature to him as he navigated the tricky track. Josh qualified just outside the top 20 and would go on to the gate for the Heat. Unfortunately bad starts plagued him for the rest of the night due to him playing it same with his recent injuries. He will build from this and come out swinging on Tuesday.


Chase Marquier was still settling in with his new PRMX Kawasaki when the day began. With just a couple of weeks on the bike, Chase was looking faster and faster each and every time he hit the track. He would eventually qualify just outside of top 30 and was ready to get his night started. Chase launched off the gate in his Heat and would unfortunately make a few mistakes pushing him back to 17th by the end. In the LCQ a bad start would be the culprit to Chase again having his work cut out for him. He would work his way up as far as possible but would settle outside of qualifying position by the end. On to Tuesday.


Joan has been extra aggressive this season as he has been turning heads with every stop of the series. When the day started in Dallas, it was no different as he was determined to make it in the stacked field. He found his groove quickly and was looking to shine as he qualified just outside of the top 30. When the night show began, Joan did not get his usual jump off the gate and found himself battling toward the back of the pack. There wasn’t much he could do and would go on to the LCQ. Unfortunately, a similar start would end his chances of a qualifying position early on and he would call it a night.


Addison Emory was looking to make up for lost time when practice began in Dallas. He felt like he had much more in the tank in Daytona and was ready to see if he could turn the ship in the right direction in Arlington. Addison looked very quick and comfortable almost immediately and was charging through the orange Texas dirt. Suddenly, a mishap in a rut sent Addison off the side of the track where he landed on a tough block which aggravated his knee with some serious pain. He was forced to call it a day in Texas. He will be back to give it a go on Tuesday.


Bubba Pauli has been juggling the most of almost anyone in the 2021 Supercross Series. Bubba runs his own team and if that wasn’t enough, he lines up on the gate every Saturday and Tuesday night. It's never for a lack of effort that’s for sure when it comes to the 282 machine of Pauli. Bubba looked very aggressive when the qualifying sessions began and it seemed to look like it would be a good night for him. The lineup in Arlington was very heavy and unfortunately Bubba would fall just a couple spots short of qualifying. On to Tuesday!


David Pulley was happy to start the week-long Texas residency in Dallas on Saturday. He enjoys the moist soil and is able to let his bike do the work when it comes down to riding time. David seemed to be very comfortable quickly as he continued to charge lap after lap when practice started. He was placing the bike right where he wanted with every obstacle but with the abundance of entry numbers he would unfortunately fall just short of qualifying position.


Josh Greco has had an iconic mustache for a while now and a few days ago he came up with the incredible plan to head down to Underground Mx on Thursday night before the race and see if he could win a chopper in the mustache contest they were having. Josh was close to winning in his red, white, and blue outfit but was forced to drive his van (instead of the chopper) back to the stadium cause it was time to go racing. Greco looked comfortable as ever when practice began as he put in some very clean laps in all of his sessions. Unfortunately, he would just be a hair off and half to focus on coming back stronger for Tuesday.


Scotty Wennerstrom is doing the whole program by himself this year and he’s making it look easy. The normal man would buckle under the new found pressures but Scotty continues to show up, put his boots on, and grind it out. The family man continued exactly that on Saturday morning and was looking aggressive. His bike was doing exactly what he wanted it to as he carved through the perfect Texas dirt. Scotty would fall just short of a qualifying time but it would not be for lack of effort. On to Round 11.

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