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LS2 Race Report: Anaheim, CA 6 2022


Kyle Chisholm was happy to be in Anaheim for the final time of the 2022 season on Saturday. He seemed to have a little bit of spunk about him and it showed when the qualifying sessions began. Kyle figured out the track immediately and found his flow in a serious way. He was feeling comfortable and was ready to go racing. When the gate dropped for his Heat, Kyle launched off the gate and did what he could to take the inside of the riders in front of him. He looked like a new man as he fought off the herd and punched his ticket to the Main with an impressive 9th. Unfortunately, when the Main began, Kyle was forced to take a soil sample of the Southern California clay, nonetheless, he brushed himself off and got back up to fight. He was over half a lap behind the entire field but he put his head down. He would claw all the way back to a very impressive 16th overall on the night.


Cade Clason continues to show he belongs with the best of them. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Well, this (not so old) dog is learning them all. His race craft and speed continue to improve with each week that goes by. Cade charged the track lap after lap when qualifying began. He learned from all the best in the A group practice and solidified his spot in the races with a top 20 qualifying time. It was going time for Cade when the Heat began and he was on the gas. He had a few spots to make up to get into a qualifying position and he did just that. He crossed the finish line and with that, punched his ticket to the Main. Cade was immediately pinched off when the gate dropped for the Main but he continued to push on. Hammering the tricky whoops for all 20 minutes and would end up a solid 21st on the night.


Joan continues to ride the Main Event qualification bubble and he’s doing his best to solidify his spot on the right side of it. Joan is showing major improvements in racecraft each week and every time the gate drops, his game face is put on. Joan qualified in typical fashion but was ready to go racing. When the gate dropped for his Heat, Joan launched off the gate with one of his usual great starts. Unfortunately, a mishap would push him to the back of the pack and he would channel his focus on the next one. When the gate dropped for the LCQ, Joan found himself right on the bubble again. As he fought for his spot, things began to get heated as the whoops suddenly took out two of the front runners. Now, Joan was in a qualifying position and was doing everything he could to hold it. Unfortunately, another rider suddenly got the chance and pushed Joan off the track with just a few turns to go. His night would end there.