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LS2 Race Report: Anaheim, CA 4 2022


Kyle Chisholm somehow just keeps making it happen in American Supercross. Since 2006, Chiz has been laying down the law and continues to prove he belongs in the conversation. Saturday in Anaheim was no different as his speed was impressive as ever. Kyle qualified right where he wanted and began to calculate out his night. The sun went down and the lights came on but unfortunately, it didn't work out as he planned when racing began. He was shuffled back in his Heat quickly and punched his ticket into the dreaded LCQ. This race was stacked but you could see in his eyes that he had a plan. The gate dropped and Kyle took off. He found his way into the lead before the green flag waved and continued to put in impressive lap times. He would soar to the win and punch his ticket into the Main Event. A mishap on the start put him all the way to the back of the pack once again but Kyle had other plans. He continued to push and would end up a commendable 16th overall on the night.


Cade Clason has been surfing the bubble in and out of the premier class Main Events so far this season and was determined to prove to the industry he belongs on the upper side when the day began in Anaheim. His speed has been steadily improving and his week in and out experience has had a lot to do with it. The now veteran knows what to expect when it comes to the tracks and was ready to tackle the tricky Anaheim 2 track when practice began on Saturday morning. Cade qualified well as always and lined up to his Heat with confidence. He launched off the gate and began to do work. As the laps counted down, the qualifying spot was in sight, but he would come up just short by the time the checkers waved. With the number 1 gate pick for the LCQ, he chose his gate wisely and executed well when the gate dropped. He found himself once again right outside the bubble. Cade made his way into 5th position, just one spot out of qualifying position, and did everything he could to make up ground. Unfortunately, he was forced to settle for 5th and his night would end there.


Joan Cros continues to prove week in and week out that he is a serious contender for 450 Main Events for many years to come. His outstanding improvements the last few years have been noticed by many as he continues to be in the conversations during the week. Saturday was no different in Anaheim as Joan hit the track with confidence. He found his speed quickly and qualified with an impressive top 25 position. He lined up for his Heat and when the gate dropped, he did everything he could to keep a wheel on the field. He would eventually be pinched off and have to play follow the leader for a few laps while the traffic cleared. He would crawl his way up to 12th by the time the checkered flag waved and go on to the oh so familiar LCQ. Joan lined up on the very inside hoping to be the leader going into the first corner but would come up short by just a few inches. He rounded the first lap just outside the top 10 and began his work. By the end, he made his way up to 7th and would have to call it a night.