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LS2 Race Report: Anaheim, Ca 1 2022


Cade Clason has been steadily climbing the ranks of American Supercross for the last few years. He is becoming very well known on and off the track and he deserves every bit of it. Cade has been putting in the work this off season and it all came down to Saturday night in Anaheim. Cade made his way through practice with ease aboard his brand new red machine and was ready to get racing. When the gate dropped for Cades Heat, he was eager to keep the pace but the spongy track produced tricky conditions and it cost him. Cade lined up for the LCQ and he knew he was going to do whatever he had to to make it happen. Cade found himself just outside the cut line early on and began to do work. Aggression is the name of the game in Last chance qualifiers as Cade did exactly what he had to do to demand the transfer position. He would go on to finish a very impressive 19th on the night.


Unfortunately, Kyle had been battling some illness as of late and it was the last thing he wanted to deal with at the season opener of 2022 Supercross. Nevertheless, He made the trip and strapped his boots on. Kyle took to the track and looked just like his old self as he found a groove quickly. Kyle qualified very strong as always and was leaning on his veteran experience to get him through night. When the gate fell for the Heat, Kyle was shuffled back quickly and was forced to put his head down. He nearly made it back to qualifying position but it just wasn’t enough. He regrettably lined up for the dreaded LCQ but unfortunately it was a similar case when the eager 450s took off the line. Kyle did his best to keep composure but it was time to call it a night.


Joan Cros began to show some serious speed and heart towards the end of last season and everyone was expecting big things from him for 2022 because of it. Joan had completed his off season training and was eager to continue his upward trend in 450 Supercross. Joan took to the track quickly and immediately put down some impressive times. He qualified well inside the top 30 and was ready to go racing. Joan launched off the gate and immediately began to do battle when his Heat began. He made his way up through the pack but came up just short. When the LCQ began, Joan was determined to make it happen. Joan launched off the line and put his Madd Parts Kawasaki into the lead right away, he did everything he could to hold on to the lead but eventually lost it. He was now right on the bubble and it was all but sealed until the last corner where another rider forced him out of the way. He would come up just one spot short of making the first Main Event of the year.


Bubba Pauli continues to push the limits of what a rider can do in this sport as he continues to successfully operate his team at full capacity along side racing. Bubba put in the work, as always, this off season and was ready to get back inside angel stadium on Saturday night. He made his way through practice on the tricky Anaheim track and was able to solidify his way into the night show right at the end of the final session. A very happy Bubba Pauli lined up for his heat and was ready to get 2022 started. The long first corner proved nasty for many riders and unfortunately did with bubba as well. He was pinched off and forced to come from behind. He was forced to move on to the LCQ where a mid pack start would cut his work out for him again. He clawed forward quickly but would eventually fall just a few spots short.


Scotty Wennerstrom has been a known name in the sport of Supercross for many years now. He has made his way across the country year after year to complete this grueling series and Scotty was ready to begin another journey in Anaheim on Saturday. He took to the difficult track and did his best to find the fastest lines for him. Scotty struggled a bit early on but was able to figure it out quickly. The insanely difficult whoop sections in Anaheim were not doing any body any favors but he was able to push through. Scotty did not get the best jump when the gate dropped for his Heat and it would force him to go on to the LCQ. Scotty did his best to get things going when the gate dropped for his final qualifier and he did his best to stay in the battle. Despite his efforts, tonight was not his night. On to Oakland.


Josh Greco is known for his capability in big whoop sections thus he was very excited to see the track in Anaheim for the season opener of 2022 Supercross. With two massive sections, he was excited to hit the track and see what he could do. It was clear to see he had some extra confidence as he made his way around the mint conditions of Angel Stadium. He was attacking the whoops and was able to put his name on the board early on. Greco gave it all he could but would fall just two spots short by the time qualifying finished up.


David Pulley was eager to get back to racing when the new year turned this January. The Anaheim vibes were palpable as the days clicked away and when it came down to Saturday it was go time. David had been working on whoop confidence in the off season and when practice began on Saturday it showed. He was attacking the whoops lap after lap and topping the board in his practice. His immediate efforts were commendable and it looked like it was going to be a great night for the veteran. Unfortunately, his efforts would come up just short as he was two spots behind the cut off when qualifying wrapped up. On to the Bay.


Addison Emory has had quite a journey this off season leading up to the new year. He spent some time racing in the Dominican Republic and unfortunately had some crashes come along with it. Addison in recovery mode wanted to come to Anaheim to get some of the jitters out and he accomplished just that. As he made his way around the groomed track he linked his lines with ease as he flew through the southern California skies. His efforts would come up just short of qualifying position but his mission was accomplished, on to Round 2.


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