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LS2 RACE Report: Anaheim 2, 2023


Josh Cartwright was still feeling the confidence high from the previous weekend when he arrived at Angel stadium on Saturday. Josh was determined to keep his season going in the upward direction and he loved what he saw when the qualifying sessions began. The very technical track suited his skills and he immediately was on the gas when his practice began. Josh was grouped with the big boys due to his recent success and gave him even more confidence as he circulated with the very best of our sport. Josh quickly showed that he belongs in the conversation with the best of the best as he was able to qualify with a very impressive 17th fastest lap time. When the Mains began, the technical rutted track began to break down, but Josh pushed through. He avoided the chaos as best he could but a couple of mistakes here and there would eventually give him an overall finish of 21st on the night. On to Houston!


Joan Cros was looking forward to another weekend of improvement when the day began inside Angel Stadium. His goals were clear when the day started and his smooth steady speed began to show as he circulated the difficult track. He found his groove quickly and pushed hard to the end of all three sessions. His time would eventually come in at 35th fastest, and he knew he had a lot of work ahead of him. Joan would line up to the LCQ, with one thing in mind, aggression. When the gate dropped, Joan launched off the line and had a wheel on everyone going into the first corner. Regardless of the lead, Joan was going into the flat first corner with lots of riders to his inside, due to his outside gate choice, and he was pushed wider than expected. Joan pushed all the way to the checkered flag but would come up just short of qualifying position.


Scotty Wennerstrom did not have the weekend he quite wanted at the last event, and he was determined to make some strides of improvement when the program began inside Angel stadium. The track looked tough, but Scotty knew he would figure it out quickly, which is exactly what he did when his practice sessions began. He circulated with poise as always and began to creep up the leaderboard. His times gradually improved with each session that went by and he would end up just inside the top 40 by the end of qualifying. Scotty was already very content with his performance so far in the day and he was ready to get to racing. When the gate finally dropped for the LCQ, Scotty did everything he could to launch off the line from the very outside gate. He tiptoed around the first corner and began his work. He would eventually end up making up a handful of positions and go back to his pit satisfied with the day.


Josh Greco was still fighting his lingering illness when the 3rd round of the Supercross season began in Anaheim on Saturday morning. In typical Greco fashion, he was determined to push through as always. Despite the hardships, Josh was excited to get back on track and attack the very technical course. Right away, Josh felt comfortable in the man eating whoops and made it look easy as he blitzed through them. He looked strong right away and began to find his speed. By the end of the qualifying sessions Josh had put in a time good enough for 36th fastest overall. He gathered himself and went to the line for the very first race of the night. When this LCQ began, Josh was on the very outside but nonetheless, launched off the gate with urgency. Josh was what seemed like miles ahead as he entered the corner on the very outside. He did his best to carry the momentum around the outside but lost multiple positions due to the extreme physical advantage that the inside gate riders had. Josh put his head down and got to work but the illness would eventually get the best of him as he finished just outside the top 15.

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