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Scotty Wennerstrom was overflowing with motivation and anticipation as the first day of the 2024 Supercross Season had finally arrived on Saturday in Anaheim, California. The off season had been good for Scotty, and he was more than ready to get on the track outfitted in the LS2 Bend Glove, LS2 X Force helmet, and the LS2 Aura Goggle. When practice began, Scotty was easy to spot as his veteran confidence was visually evident as he navigated the first few laps of practice. Scotty began to find his speed on the basic Anaheim layout and was cutting seconds off his lap times each lap. When timed qualifying began, Scotty immediately jumped up on the board in his session and was determined to continue to cut time off his laps. He finished up 4th in the first session but knew there was still work to do if we wanted to get his time into overall qualifying position. Scotty continued to cut off times during the second session and knew that it was going to be tough with the most stacked field in recent history. Scotty unfortunately had very fast segment times but could not put it together for a full lap like he knew he was capable of. Overall, it was a great start to the season for Scotty and he will be ready for the next round in San Francisco. 


Josh Greco was very excited to kick off a brand new season of Supercross when the day began in Anaheim, California on Saturday. Unfortunately, illness had plagued Josh since the first of the year, but he knew he could push through it. Josh is also struggling with a Hiatal hernia which makes it hard to breathe but regardless, he was ready to ride his motorcycle. Josh started off his day looking very comfortable despite his recent struggles. Josh continued to find speed throughout the day and would eventually qualify in a position that would nearly match the best of his career. Ready for the first gate drop of the year, Josh lined up with confidence as he knew he had some speed to show. Josh launched off the gate and came across the first lap in the top 15. He continued to push until a mishap set him back on the first lap and the health issues began to set in. In the LCQ, Josh knew he had a chance and launched off the gate once again. He again came around inside the top 15 and set his sights forward. He did everything he could but would eventually come up just short. He will now head north and do his best to recuperate for the next round in San Francisco. 

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