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LS2 Race Report: ANAHEIM 1, 2023


When the sun finally rose on the most anticipated day of Supercross racing, Josh Cartwright was more than ready to get his season started. His set up in the pits at Angel stadium was on point and he was feeling confident going into the morning sessions. Josh immediately got comfortable with the tricky track of Anaheim. His many talents were put on showcase quickly as he navigated the ruts. Josh put in solid times quickly and was impressing many fans in the stands. Josh ended up qualifying a solid 23rd overall and was ready to get to racing. When the first Heat race of the year started, Josh shot off the gate and was looking comfortable immediately, he began to work his way forward but was suddenly struck with a rear flat tire. He rushed to the pits, took the wheel off and had it changed immediately. Josh made it to the gate just in time for the LCQ and was fired up as the gate dropped. A very outside gate would be the culprit for an unfavorable start for Josh but he went to work immediately. He did his best to work up through the pack but would fall just short. Overall a very promising start to the season for Josh.


Scotty Wennerstrom is continuing to build his status as a staple in the sport of Supercross. After years and years of competing, Scotty continues to be there year after year making a great showing for his consistency and experience in the industry. This year, it was no different as he rolled into the stadium with the California sun reflecting off his shiny new LS2 Helmet. He hit the track with his usual steady smooth pace and found his groove quickly. Scotty would end up qualifying through with a solid 39th fastest time and was excited to go under the lights in Angel Stadium. When the Heat began, Scotty did his best to circulate with safety in mind as the track was becoming very difficult. Unfortunately, a mistake would push him to the back by the end and he would regroup for the next one. When the LCQ began, Scotty did his best to get off the line quickly and tucked into the first corner with determination. He set his sights on the riders in front of him and put in the work. The short race unfortunately did not leave him with enough time to move into qualifying position but it was overall a great opening weekend for Scotty.


Josh Greco was happy to see the sunshine when the day began in Anaheim. His mustache had been manicured to perfection as were his bikes and pit set up. Josh was excited to get his year started as the track was very much to his liking. When practice began, Josh immediately took full speed, especially through the two big whoop sections. He found himself on the board many times throughout his sessions and would eventually go into the night show with a top 40 qualifying time. He happily walked into the stadium under the lights when the show began and was ready to get the year started right. His Heat race began slowly, but Josh began a charge as he moved through the riders. Unfortunately a little slip up in one of the many tricky ruts set him back near the end of the race but he set his focus on the next one. When the LCQ began, Josh really wanted to make it count and it showed. He was pushed just outside the top 1 after the first corner but began passing guys each time through the whoop sections. He would end up 13th and call it a night. Overall it was a great way to kick off the season for Josh.


Joan had been working very hard this off season putting together a new program. His setup in the pits on Saturday was shining bright and his confidence was as well. Joan hit the track on his brand new bike and took two laps to get comfortable. His speed started to show immediately after that and he was consistently putting his name on the board throughout his sessions. Joan ended up posting a time good enough for 27th fastest and was eager to get to the night show and continue learning his new bike. When the gate dropped for his Heat, Joan launched off the gate but was squeezed off quickly. He would do his best to move forward but would run out of time finishing 13th. When the LCQ began, Joan jumped off the line with ferocity per usual and rounded the first corner inside the top 5. A couple bobbles shuffled him back quickly but he continued to push forward throughout the race. By the end he would unfortunately have a small mistake that would end his chances for the Main Event. No doubt, Joan will be fired up for the next round in San Diego.


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