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Checking In with the Family: LS2 Race Report Houston 1 2021

Updated: Jan 21, 2021


After lots of time off and the emotional and physical stress of wielding your own race team, Bubba Pauli rolled into Houston, Texas ready to get the season started. The work had been done and it was time to put it all to the test. Bubba’s day started off great as he charged on to the Texas soil. He learned the track quickly and was able to put down some impressive times. Bubba Was only a few seconds off the fastest time of the day and was ready to go racing. His night began well and his valiant effort in the Heat gave him confidence going into the LCQ. Bubba and his teammate launched off the gate and we're running near the front. A slight mishap caused him to shuffle back just a bit, but the confidence he gained will help going into round 2.


Cade Clason has been a household name in American Supercross for many years. He has made a name for himself and is continuing to show he has what it takes year after year. Cade started his 2021 Supercross season eagerly and was excited to find his flow inside NRG stadium. He did just that and posted some solid times early on. When the gate dropped for his heat, Cade launched to a great start and was battling to maintain qualifying position. He ended up just a few spots outside of qualifying position and was ready to go for the LCQ. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned when the final gate dropped for Cade, but he will have something to build off for the next round.


Devin Simonson, our promising young rookie, made his pro debut in Houston on Saturday. Full of excitement and confidence, Devin couldn’t wait to get on that Texas soil. As he launched into the first practice ahead of all of his fellow competitors, heads were being turned all around the stadium. He continued to show flashes of brilliance all day and it didn’t stop when the gate dropped for his Heat. Unfortunately, he was shuffled back quickly against the veterans of the 250 class but this did not slow him down. When the gate dropped for the LCQ, he was determined to lead them to the first corner, and he did just that. Devin got himself into the lead but a mishap kept him from finishing there. He clawed his way back into the top ten and will be a sight to see at the next round.


Joan Cros was very excited to get back to racing in American Supercross on Saturday. Joan spent lots of time in his home country of Spain during the off season, but due to Covid, his usual race routine was non existent and his motivation to get back out there was building with everyday. Joan was ready to get back in the saddle and when the day started in Houston, it showed. He was lighting fast and looking more comfortable than ever. Although his Heat race didn’t go as planned, when the gate dropped for the 450 LCQ, he was determined to turn it around. Joan launched into the lead, and lead the pack through the first few sections. He was first to see the green flag and was fighting to hold his position. He finished just outside qualifying position but will one to keep an eye on this Tuesday.


Josh Greco was ready to get back to racing when the 2021 Supercross series began in Houston on Saturday. He had taken many of the recent months away from the bike but was able to find lots of motivation in the process. He regained his comfort quickly and was looking strong as qualifying began inside NRG Stadium. He posted an impressive lap time and punched his ticket to the show. Josh did all he could to keep his momentum rolling throughout the night after the gate dropped. He continued to show grit and drive and would fall just short of a main event spot. On to the next round.


Kyle Chisholm got his program together a little later than usual due to the crazy times we are living in but that didn’t stop him from doing what he does best. Chiz was motivated more than ever and it showed as he hit the track with speed. When racing began, Kyle launched off to an impressive start and was doing everything he could to secure qualifying position. He missed out by only one position but was ready to do battle in the dreaded last chance qualifier. When the gate dropped for this one, he knew this was his time to shine. He came around the first corner just inside the top ten and had his work cut out for him. He put his head down and picked off the guys one by one. He made his way into the lead by mid race and pulled out to an impressive lead to take the well deserved LCQ win. Look for Kyle to continue his consistent ways on Tuesday.


Ludovic Macler was ready to make his 450 debut in Supercross on Saturday night in Houston. Ludovic was looking quite at home aboard his PR-MX backed KX450 right away as he hit the track inside NRG Stadium. He found his rhythm quickly and put in the best time he could against the stacked field. Fortunately, it was enough to put him into the show at the 2021 opener. Things didn’t work out for the best for Ludovic when the gate dropped but much was learned for the young frenchman. Nevertheless, his form on the bike was nothing short of impressive, and there will be much to build off as we move to the second round.


Luke Neese is a breath of fresh air for the American Supercross Series. The young rider is now in his third full year as a pro and is an exhilarating sight to see. Luke made a few Main Events last season and is looking to continue the success in 2021. When his day started in Houston, Luke was looking just as flashy as ever. He found his flow quickly and posted a time well within the fast 40. He headed to the gate for his 250 Heat. When the gate dropped, Luke was looking very determined as sliced and diced his way through the pack. He just barely missed out on a qualifying position and was forced to go to the LCQ. Unfortunately, He was buried in the pack as soon as the gate dropped. He did what he could to make his way up through the pack but it was too late. Look for Luke to rebound at round 2.


Scotty Wennerstrom has started his own race team for the 2021 Supercross season. Although it is challenging, Scotty seems to be making the best of it as he looks to continue to maintain his name in the sport of Supercross. The family man knows what it takes and he will undoubtedly show that as the year continues. He was ready to put his hard work to the test as the day started in Houston. Scotty hit the track with his black and gold painted Subverter and was very easy to spot on the track. He laid down consistent laps and began to feel the groove. Unfortunately, he fell just short of qualifying for the show but there will always be kinks to work out at the first round. Look for Scotty to bounce back at the next one.

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