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LS2 Helmets US Consumer Communication System Warranty

Effective Date:

December 15, 2022

Supersedes Earlier Versions

Only LS2 Communication Systems purchased from authorized LS2 dealers within the United States are covered by this warranty. The LS2 Focal communication system is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship to the end consumer for a period of 1 years from purchase and the LS2 Ride Pal communication system is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship to the end consumer for a period of 2 years from purchase. This warranty applies to the original purchaser only and is non-transferrable. It does not cover normal wear and tear, abuse, faulty installation, or crash damage.


We recommend the consumer inspect the communication system at the time of purchase and prior to installation for damage or missing parts.


Our goal is to make the warranty process as seamless as possible while ensuring that we can track your item throughout our processes and see it safely and securely back into your hands. To submit a warranty request, follow these steps.

  • Consumers must submit a Warranty Request Form from our website or call LS2 Helmets US to request warranty approval.

  • Requests for warranty must include photos of the area in question and of the item itself.

  • Proof of purchase may be requested.

  • Warranty Request Forms must also include a note explaining the reason for the return, as well as contact information from the consumer.

  • Upon approval we will provide a return request form and a shipping label. The Return Request form must be included in the box being returned. Any non-consumable items included with the original product must also be returned in full.

  • Returned product will be evaluated and if deemed defective in materials or workmanship, will be repaired, or replaced at the sole discretion of LS2 Helmets US.

  • We are not responsible for any non-LS2 items sent to us and cannot guarantee the return of these items.

In the event that a product is still covered and returned for warranty but is no longer available, LS2 Helmets US will do its best to offer a suitable replacement of equivalent value. In the event that a replacement is deemed necessary, and the communication system was purchased at a sale price, the replacement system offered will be of approximately the same value as was paid for the original item, not necessarily an equivalent model.


Modifications VOID WARRANTY

We will in no way accept responsibility for any additional equipment or device that was not part of the original product as delivered by the factory, nor for any modification that affects the structural integrity of the communication system. We advise against and do not approve any modifications to our products.

Modifications are not covered and are emphatically discouraged.

Communication systems are safety tested in their original manufactured condition. LS2 Helmets US cannot guarantee the performance of a product that has been modified from the original condition in any way.

Modifications are at the consumers risk and may void the warranty and liability insurance. By making or allowing any modifications, the consumer acknowledges and accepts all responsibility and all risk for the performance of the product.

  • Disassembly of any kind WILL VOID the warranty.


Care and Maintenence

Use a damp cloth to clean your communication system. Allow the unit to air dry, outside sources of heat WILL harm the system and could also melt or distort the outer casings. Liquid, petroleum, and aerosol products should not be used and WILL void the warranty. Do not expose your communication system to extreme temperatures, moisture, or high voltage.  Do not disassemble the communication unit or its assemblies in any way as this WILL void the warranty and may damage the electronic circuits. 


Use only the provided charging units and cables.  Do not expose the charging units or cables to high temperatures or moisture and avoid wet conditions when the communication system is charging.  Improper exposure to outside elements WILL void the warranty. 


Proper Installation

Proper installation is an important part of the performance of a communication system. The consumer MUST check their helmet for proper fitment prior to purchase.  The consumer MUST always check the communication system for a safe, secure attachment before the start of each ride. Issues like pressure points, noise levels, etc., are highly subjective and are not considered defects, nor are they warrantable items. Fit and comfort are not warranty items.  Poor end user installation is not a warranty item. For more information on proper installation and fit go to the LS2 Helmets US website and follow this link to review how to install your communication device properly.


Buy with confidence from an Authorized LS2 Helmets US Retailer.

Only authorized dealers are permitted to sell LS2 products in the United States. Non-approved dealers selling LS2 products are considered “gray market.” Products purchased from retailers outside the U.S. are also considered “gray market.” We have no way of knowing if the products sold by them are genuine LS2 products. They may not be properly tested, and they are not covered by the LS2 Helmets US Consumer Warranty or liability insurance.


Do not buy LS2 products via the web from sources outside the US. Your best protection is to buy from an authorized US dealer. Products purchased from non-authorized dealers, including products purchased from retailers outside of the United States, are not covered by the LS2 Helmets US Consumer Warranty, liability insurance, or any other LS2 service.

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