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Allwin Powersports Corp. Dealer Terms and Conditions

Effective Date:

July 15, 2021

Supersedes Earlier Versions

Allwin Powersports Corp. (hereinafter APC) is the exclusive importer and wholesaler of LS2 Helmets in North America. We support the efforts of legitimate motorcycle dealers and motorcycle parts and accessory retailers, and our policies are intended to ensure an agreed-upon method of doing business between APC and our authorized retailers. Retailers must be approved to sell APC products, including but not limited to LS2 Helmets, before purchasing, marketing, or selling any APC products. They must agree to abide by our terms and conditions.



Allwin Powersports limits the resale of all APC products, including but not limited to LS2 branded products, to approved motorcycle dealers and motorcycle parts and accessory retailers in the United States. Any dealer wishing to purchase at wholesale, market, and sell APC products must read, understand, and agree to these terms and conditions and be approved by Allwin Powersports management. By purchasing product from APC, you acknowledge that you agree to and accept our Terms and Conditions, including our Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAPP).



Approved retailers are authorized to sell APC products through brick-and-mortar stores only and must abide by our Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAPP).

A copy must be read, understood, and signed by an authorized agent of the business before the retailer is authorized to market and sell APC products.

  • To allow motorcycle retailers to service their customers, APC does not have a minimum order. Orders under $299.00 are subject to a $10.00 handling fee, in addition to shipping charges, and will receive a 40% margin based upon our Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAPP).

  • Allwin Powersports may request first orders to be paid in advance with a credit card.



To be approved to sell APC products online, the retailer must:

  • Be an approved LS2 retailer.

  • The retailer must have their website approved by the National Sales Manager or the President & CEO of Allwin Powersports Corp.

The website must contain:

  • The physical address and contact information of the retailer.

  • A returns policy with address for returns.

  • A secure shopping cart.

  • A privacy policy.

  • Freight rates and shipping policies.

The retailer must read, understand, agree to and sign the APC's MAPP agreement.

The retailer must abide by all points of APC's MAPP agreement.

LS2 Helmets' 3rd Party Retail/Resale Website & Intellectual Property Policy and Agreement.

For retailers who choose to sell LS2 products online, the standard map policy and agreement must be read, understood, and, if agreed to, signed.

Authorized web sales are allowed in all 50 United States of America. Marketing beyond the 50 USA states is not permitted. LS2 and APC warranty only covers original DOT approved helmets and products in and initially destined for the USA market and wholesaled by APC Products bought outside of these parameters will be considered "gray market" and have no warranty.

  1. Retailers are allowed to market LS2 on the following platforms:

    1. Stated and disclosed retailer-specific websites: (i.e., Joe's Motorcycle Retailer owns URL). ALL ACCEPTED WEBSITES MUST SHOW DEALER NAME or DBA, which has been reported to Allwin Powersports Corp.

    2. - USA only – CONDITIONS APPLY. See "LS2 Authorized Amazon/eBay Reseller Agreement."

    3. - USA only – CONDITIONS APPLY. See "LS2 Authorized Amazon/eBay Reseller Agreement."

    4. Websites Approved by LS2 USA management

  2. Anything not on this list is expressly forbidden


If you intend to sell products on 3rd party sites, you must email [email protected] along with the executed form for approval.

If any current LS2 product is found on forbidden sites, all orders will be held until the retailer provides proof that the product has been removed.


Only authorized motorcycle dealers and motorcycle accessory stores are approved to sell on or Dealers who wish to do so will need to:

  • Have an authorized employee read, understand, agree to, SIGN, AND RETURN Allwin Powersports Corp.'s Amazon/eBay Retailer Agreement. IMPORTANT: Agreement must also be signed by an authorized LS2 sales representative and returned to [email protected].

  • Add the "Authorized LS2 Amazon/eBay Retailer" image to their listings. This image is available from Allwin Powersports.

  • Use only LS2 copy, images, and descriptions.

  • Offer current LS2 product AT or ABOVE our Minimum Advertised Price (MAPP). This pricing does not apply once a product is dropped from MAPP, as in the case of a product that has been on the closeout list for over 90 days. APC MUST release a product from MAPP before dealers reducing prices.

  • Stock the product to be listed. NO DROP SHIPS for eBay listings.




As of July 1, 2021, dealers who have purchased $30,000 or more of LS2 Helmets products over the past 12 months are eligible for this program.


  • Drop shipped orders must be prepaid with a credit card.

  • Orders are shipped Standard Ground Freight ONLY. No expedited freight on dropships.

  • Drop shipped products will have a 40% margin based upon standard LS2 dealer cost—no additional discounts.

  • There is a $12.95 shipping and handling charge on each order. o This fee covers up to two helmets to any single address. Each one or two additional helmets in one order to one address will incur another $12.95 shipping and handling fee.

  • Sale Items - All "Sale Items" are Excluded from the Drop Ship Program at their "sale item" price. "Sales Items" will be Priced at a 40% Margin if they are Drop Shipped.

  • Closeout Product is expressly excluded from the Drop Ship Program.

  • Sorry, no returns accepted on drop shipped orders.

Program revision effective July 1, 2021, and supersedes any prior program. LS2 reserves the right to modify programs at any time, if needed, at their sole discretion.



APC is, the SOLE wholesale distributor of LS2 Helmets and accessories in the United States. Under no circumstances does APC grant permission for 3rd party distribution of their products through ANY outlet.

This agreement only allows a retailer to sell LS2 products directly through their stated and agreed-upon retail outlets in their dealer application. Selling LS2 Helmets and accessories outside of the stated outlets is expressly forbidden.



The LS2 brand is a global brand. Due to extensive investment and hard work, the LS2 brand has monetary value. APC reserves the right to control the use of our brand, including but not limited to our registered trademarks. We have worked hard to develop a national marketing program, and all of our policies are geared toward supporting that plan.



Orders totaling $299.00 or more in shippable product will receive free ground freight to an approved retail location or approved warehouse only. Reduced freight programs are available. Contact your LS2 Helmet representative.



APC does our absolute best to ship all orders received before 2 p.m. Central Time on the same day as the order is received. Orders received after 2 p.m. should ship by the end of the next business day. These times are estimates only and are not a guarantee of service.

NOTE: Larger orders, such as dating orders, may require a longer time to pick, package, and ship.



Retailers may return the new and unused product for any reason within 15 days of purchase for a full refund. Return shipping is the responsibility of the dealer.

Retailers must call and request a return authorization before returning any products to APC

  • The authorization number must be written prominently on the return packaging.

  • Returned products must have all original tags and cannot have any stickers or remnants of stickers or price tags not included with the original product.

  • Returned product will be evaluated and, if deemed defective in materials or workmanship, will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Allwin Powersports Corp.

  • If the product requires cleaning and/or repackaging, Allwin Powersports reserves the right to charge a 15% restocking/repackaging fee.

  • If the product is for any reason not resalable, Allwin Powersports Corp., at their sole discretion, may refuse to accept a returned item. In this case, freight back to the dealer is the responsibility of that dealer, or the dealer may request that the item be destroyed.

  • Return freight is at the expense of the retailer.

  • If the returned items lower the amount of the original order below a given qualified quantity purchase volume, any volume discounts will be adjusted accordingly.

  • In the event that a returned product is no longer available, APC will do its best to offer a suitable replacement of equivalent value.



Under certain specific conditions, Allwin Powersports may agree to extended payment terms for their authorized retailers. Retailers desiring an open account must complete an "Open Account" application and have it approved by APC

  • Accounts that are delinquent 30 days or more are not allowed to purchase any APC products until their account is current.

  • Delinquent accounts will lose any program discounts and are responsible for the original full dealer price of any product purchased.

  • Under certain circumstances and at its sole discretion, APC may agree to sell additional products to a delinquent dealer on a prepaid basis.

  • All open accounts are subject to the terms and conditions listed on APC open account application.



Retailers may request repair or replacement of in-stock defective helmets within 90 days of purchase. It is recommended that items be inspected upon receipt and notification sent to APC immediately of any issues.

  • Allwin Powersports will, at our own discretion, repair or replace the defective unit. Repair or replacement is the limit of our warranty coverage, and there are no refunds or credits.

  • Helmets MUST be inspected by APC to determine whether the helmet is a warranty item. Photos and videos may be submitted to our help desk to avoid delays on warranties.

  • Within the first 90 days of the shipping invoice, should the product prove to be defective, APC will pay for freight. After 90 days, return freight charges are the responsibility of the dealer.

  • Dealers must call APC for a return authorization number, and that number must be prominently displayed on the outside of the return packaging.

  • Returned product will be evaluated and if deemed defective in materials or workmanship, will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Allwin Powersports Corp.

PLEASE NOTE: We really want to provide excellent service and we don't want to lose your package. Due to the inability to track items without a return authorization number, any package received without a prominently displayed return number will be refused and returned at the expense of the sender.

COMMERCIAL USE NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY: LS2 Helmets used for commercial purposes such as rental fleet helmets or go-kart track helmets are not covered by warranty.

For CONSUMER WARRANTY info, please see our 2021 Consumer Warranty Policy page available from LS2. For questions, please contact:


These terms and conditions are effective July 15, 2021, and supersede any earlier versions. APC reserves the right to amend these terms as needed. Call Allwin Powersports for the latest information regarding terms and conditions.

LS2 APC Terms & Conditions | Date: July 15, 2021 | Supersedes All Earlier Versions

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