The LS2 Helmets Vortex modular motorcycle helmet is LIGHT. In fact, it just might be the lightest modular helmet ever created!

The Vortex shell is made from carbon fiber with fiberglass and nylon reinforcement

The outer layer is made from 24K wide-weave carbon fiber material, giving this helmet a stunningly beautiful finish. The EPS in the Vortex is a technically advanced multiple density interlocking design, created in the labs of LS2. It allows true, stacked multi-density protection throughout the inner EPS layer for state-of-the-art protective performance. The chin bar is a proprietary injection molded material which is tough enough to allow the Vortex to meet both the P and J ECE standards, allowing it to operate as a both full face or open face helmet.

Fully adjustable intake ports on the top of the shell are ported through the EPS to rear exhaust ports. These ports work in conjunction with the spoiler at the top rear of the shell, creating dynamic, flow through ventilation. This allows a light flow of air to draw through the shell, keeping the rider cool and comfortable on those long, hot days.

Our technical fabric comfort liner wicks moisture and dries quickly. It’s removable and washable (wash by hand and air dry), and when combined with our 3D laser cut foam, the Vortex offers optimum all-day comfort, with no hot spots. The neck role is made from another LS2 exclusive Matteerial which is more expensive and more durable than leather. It allows the helmet to be both quiet and comfortable. LS2 Helmets. The Game Has Changed. Long oval fit. Meets or exceeds both DOT FMVSS 218 & ECE 2205 standards.


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