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Enduro racing is an ever-changing challenge —the terrain, the competition, the weather, the course. And you can’t be static in a changing environment if you want to prevail. That’s why the class-leading Honda CRF450RX has so many big changes this year. Basically, it gets all the same awesome upgrades as the CRF450R: new frame, cylinder head, hydraulic clutch, clutch internals, fuel injection, single-muffler exhaust, and more. Plus Honda has fine-tuned the suspension specifically for enduro riders, shaved approximately four pounds off last year’s bike, and even hooked you up with factory handguards. All in all, it’s the highest performing bike they’ve ever offered in the class. 

Honda slimmed down the CRF450RX’s bodywork and reduced the total number of pieces. It makes it a lot easier to move around on the new bike, and that maximizes your riding freedom. The new 2021 CRF450RX comes with handguards installed right from the factory. They’re fully integrated, too, not like some aftermarket add-ons. They attach right to the control-lever pivots, are color-matched to your new bike, and are even vented. The CRF450RX features a flat seat/tank junction, including a titanium fuel tank. The superior ergonomics make it easier to move forward and back on the bike, increasing your control. The Japanese manufacturer also claims that the aluminum Renthal Fatbar features a bend that’s even better than the legendary Honda “CR” bar. 

The 2021 CRF450RX gets a whole new cylinder head this year. Its biggest feature: an oval-shaped centralized exhaust port. Together with the new single-muffler exhaust, it boosts power from 5000 rpm up, and increases exhaust efficiency. Honda’s Unicam cylinder heads combine the best of single- and double-overhead-cam designs. The configuration contributes to a compact engine that saves weight over a comparable dual-overhead-camshaft motor and also permits a narrow included valve angle. This flattens the combustion chamber to facilitate ignition flame propagation, allowing a high compression ratio. Since less space is taken up in the cylinder head, the camshaft sits lower in the head for a more compact engine and a lower center of gravity. The CRF450RX features a downdraft intake tract and FI body to help increase both power and fuel-metering precision. It’s part of the reason the CRF450RX offers such explosive power and massive torque, especially out of the starting line and in the critical first 100 feet of the race to the first turn. The fuel-injection system sprays twice per intake cycle. That helps increase fuel atomization without adding the weight or complexity of a second injector. The better fuel atomization means more power in the midrange and on overrev—you’ll feel it the first time you race. Along with the new air filter, the airbox shape helps deliver more torque. You can access the airbox through the left number plate. And because the new filter has no rubber gasket where it interfaces with the intake boot, cleaning and servicing the filter is faster and less messy than ever.

Great handling starts with a superior frame, and they’ve made some big changes to the 2021 CRF450RX’s chassis. First, it’s lighter—over a pound and a half lighter. Making the frame’s main spars narrower saved weight, but more important we made the chassis more responsive by reducing lateral rigidity twenty percent. The result is a bike that gets into, around, and out of corners faster. The rear subframe is totally redesigned to make it nearly three-quarters of a pound lighter, and along the way simplified its construction. The 49mm Showa fork is specially tuned just for the CRF450RX, and features a conventional spring design that helps increase the CRF450RX’s front-suspension precision, handling and feel. The 2021 CRF450RX’s new frame design provided an opportunity to fit a new rear shock. The shape has been optimized to match the frame and it’s been given new settings to work with the new chassis. The shocks valving resets faster for better response. In addition, we’ve fit a new steel spring that’s way lighter, cutting weight without cutting performance. And naturally, the RX gets its own shock settings optimized for enduro riding. Meanwhile, the Dunlop Geomax tires are specially designed for enduro use. The AT81 tires are spec’d at 90/90-21 for the front and 120/90-18 for the rear.





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Featuring next-generation styling, sophisticated electronic control, supersport braking and suspension performance, and a high‑performance crossplane engine - the 2021 Yamaha YZF-R1M is the top of the line in the supersport category. The center-piece is the 998cc inline-four-cylinder engine which features Yamaha’s exclusive crossplane crankshaft technology, derived from the YZR-M1 MotoGP machine. Fitted with sleek bodywork which creates an aerodynamic profile, with an integrated and harmonious design, complete with a carbon fiber front fender, windscreen fairing, side fairings and tail section with a numbered badge on top of the airbox cover. Yamaha engineers combined feedback from tracks around the world to set the bar even higher. The electronic systems boost rider confidence and control while the engine, suspension, brakes and aerodynamics complete the package - bringing the luxuries of a factory level rider to the everyday consumer.


The 2021 YZF-R1M features bodywork which creates an aerodynamic profile, with stylish lines that give a sleek and integrated design. R1M riders are treated to even higher levels of fit and finish thanks to carbon-fiber bodywork, including a carbon tail section, matched to a polished aluminum swingarm and topped with a serial-numbered badge. LED headlights are both lightweight and compact, allowing for a more streamlined design of the front cowling with excellent visibility. The lights deliver a broader spread of illumination. LED front turn signals are integrated into the mirrors for improved aerodynamics while the LED tail light is stylish and highly visible.


In terms of suspension, the YZF-R1M features the advanced Öhlins ERS system. The motorcycle’s IMU sends vehicle data—such as vehicle speed, lean angle, acceleration, and brake pressure—to a dedicated Suspension Control Unit which rapidly adjusts the front and rear damping in real-time for optimum suspension performance whether braking, cornering, or accelerating. Up front you’ll find the Öhlins® gas-charged NPX fork system which utilizes a pressurized nitrogen chamber similar to a rear shock, oil cavitation is essentially eliminated to deliver consistent damping under the toughest conditions with unmatched ride quality and feel. The ERS provides streamlined dynamic tuning modes for both street and track, as well as manual modes for conventional suspension tuning with fixed damping. Developed on racetracks around the world, Yamaha’s Brake Control system works with an Antilock Braking System to minimize brake slip under aggressive braking or on less than ideal surfaces. The adjustable BC system uses the IMU to provide progressive brake force intervention as lean angle increases which boosts rider confidence when braking mid-corner. The YZF-R1M features 4-piston radial-mounted front calipers riding on big 320mm rotors for excellent stopping power, with a high-friction pad compound, all supported by a 220mm rear disc and compact floating caliper. The ABS hydraulic unit is light and compact, and the high-quality braided stainless steel front lines provide firm yet responsive control feel. The R1M mounts the latest Bridgestone RS11 tires which are designed to offer true racetrack-ready traction with balanced road feel and handling.


The 2021 Yamaha YZF-R1M is available in Carbon Fiber from October 2020 starting at an MSRP of $26,099.

By equalizing inertial forces at the crankshaft, the CP4 motor delivers a direct feeling of linear torque, giving the rider the ultimate connection between the throttle grip and the rear wheel. Titanium connecting rods use Yamaha’s precision fracture-split method to ensure reliability with minimal weight. Combined with titanium intake valves and forged pistons, these lightweight parts help achieve the CP4’s high redline and over-rev capability. The cylinder block is also offset from the crankshaft, reducing friction loads on the pistons and bores. The cylinder head, intake system, fuel injectors, and airbox work together to enhance part-throttle performance. And by creating a smaller and shorter intake tract, new injectors are able to spray fuel directly against the intake valves for improved fuel atomization. The R1M is equipped with a muffler and heat shields manufactured primarily from lightweight titanium. The compact midship muffler also centralizes mass low in the frame and as close to the center of the machine as possible for optimal handling. Yamaha’s assist and slipper clutch is used to give the rider more confident downshifts when entering corners aggressively, while still smoothly handling the torque of the R1’s high-output motor. A 6-speed transmission features close-ratio gearing to best match the high-revving engine. The transmission also stacks the input/output shafts to centralize mass and to keep the overall engine size shorter front-to-back, which optimizes engine placement in the frame for outstanding weight balance.










Sixty & Bobber

A name that goes back a century. An experience that lives up to the legacy. The Scout is where heritage-inspired design meets modern performance. Indian Motorcycle’s robust Scout lineup offers both classically-styled and modernly-mean designs. With a 61 cubic-inch (1000 cc) motor, delivering 78 horsepower, the Scout Sixty and Scout Bobber Sixty are each approachable and attainable with a price under ten grand. Riders looking for more punch can opt for the 69 cubic-inch (1133 cc), 100 horsepower, an engine in the Scout and Scout Bobber.

Already a robust line of genuine Scout accessories, Indian Motorcycle is adding even more in 2021. With all-new Scout touring parts, riders can turn their city cruiser into a capable long-haul touring machine. A Scout Bobber low or mid wind deflector protects riders from the elements, while heated grips for all 2017-2021 Scout models keep your hands warm in cold weather conditions. In addition, a new fairing bag and semi-rigid saddlebags add stylish storage options. Finally, a color-matched quick release fairing with a two-inch windshield is available for all Scout models in new 2021 colorways.

2020 INDIAN SCOUT | Sixty & Bobber

The liquid-cooled engine with electronic fuel injection delivers class-leading horsepower and acceleration, while a responsive 6-speed transmission allows for sporty, aggressive riding.
Indian Motorcycle’s Scout performance upgrades can seriously change the overall attitude of any Scout. Exhaust and muffler options change the aesthetic, while increasing horsepower by over 10% when paired with the performance air intake. Options include the stage 1 2-in-1 full exhaust system and the stage 1 shorty slip-on muffler kit – both available in chrome and matte black.

The Scout blends timeless style with modern design to deliver an outstanding experience for any rider. Inspired by the original 1920 Scout, with a headlight, handlebars, wheels and fleet-sided fenders that nod to its rich heritage. Premium chrome provides plenty of head-turning shine and a comfortable seat designed to withstand the elements while maintaining its natural beauty.

The 2021 Indian Scout Sixty and Bobber are both available at a starting price of $8,999 MSRP. 





The YZ450FX is developed from Yamaha’s flagship motocross model—the YZ450F—with many added features and unique settings that make the YZ450FX the ultimate GNCC woods racer. A high-compression cylinder head, forged piston, aggressive cam profiles, cylinder geometry and much more work together to give riders the ideal power spread in challenging and diverse off-road conditions. The YZ450FX's already potent motor was treated to a host of go-fast refinements, including new combustion chamber geometry with steeper valve angles, more aggressive cam profiles, a higher compression piston with low friction rings, a longer connection rod, a larger exhaust head pipe connector, a high flow air filter, more efficient breather system and more—all while fitting under a smaller and lighter magnesium valve cover. 

The YZ450FX’s distinct rearward-slanted cylinder design—complete with rear exhaust and forward-mounted intake system—features a cylinder head that works with the frame geometry for optimized weight distribution. Inside, the engine features a straight intake tract, aggressive cam profiles, a high-compression “box bridge” piston design with a DLC-coated piston pin and more. The engine breathes through a 44mm Mikuni® throttle body fed by a high-pressure electric pump to ensure optimum fuel atomization and power for a wide range of riding conditions. The YZF450FX’s wide-ratio 5-speed transmission enhances cross country performance for more flexible gearing selection in open terrain. It also features a compact electric starter system to minimize restart delays on track and add convenience everywhere else. Powered by a high-capacity and ultra-lightweight four-cell lithium-ion battery, the system adds minimal weight. A handlebar-mounted map switch allows the rider to quickly select between preloaded engine maps—loaded and configured in the Power Tuner app—to account for changing track and weather conditions. Map 1 provides more responsive, quicker revving engine characteristics while Map 2 provides a smoother response, slower revving characteristics for when traction is limited.

The YZ450FX features stylish bodywork from tip to tail, including a large 2.15-gallon mass-centralized fuel tank. The body design is narrow for a more comfortable knee grip and control feeling while the narrower and lower seat gives the rider additional room to move aboard the machine. The upper frame bracing provides rigidity and durability while rear frame spars and cross country-tuned engine mounts centralize mass for the best possible balance of bump absorption, stiffness, and rider feeling Industry-leading, fully adjustable KYB coil spring-type forks with speed-sensitive damping provide an exceptional balance between handling and bump absorption for race-winning handling performance. The linkage type rear suspension uses a KYB shock with specially-tuned damping characteristics to match the YZ450FX chassis with both front and rear system settings. A large 270mm front disc brake coupled with aggressive pad material offer outstanding braking performance and machine control with exceptional stopping power and controllability while the YZ450FX features enduro-specific tires for the ideal balance of traction and durability, complete with an 18-inch rear wheel. Each wheel’s cross-sectional profile is computer-designed to shave valuable weight without sacrificing durability, too.

The 2021 YZ450FX is available in Team Yamaha Blue from September 2020 starting at an MSRP of $9,699. 



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Meet the new 2021 Honda Trail 125 ABS, a thoroughly modern take on the original Honda Trail 90 and Trail 110 models. Like the other members of the Honda miniMOTO family (the Super Cub, Monkey, and Grom), the Trail 125 ABS is built for the modern-day adventure. Rugged construction. Plenty of ground clearance. Lightweight. Plus, Honda’s world-famous semi-automatic, no-clutch transmission. It all adds up to a machine that’s a blast around town, and even more fun on a dirt road. 

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The best part about the Trail 125 is that it lets you ride so many places. On the street, it’s a fun, practical commuter. And its light weight, skid plate, spark arrestor and ground clearance make it a joy in the dirt. Plus, since it has a license plate, you can ride it in areas restricted to some off-road-only bikes, like state and national parks. It’s a bike that’s built for adventure. That’s why Honda gave it a special, reinforced steel backbone chassis. The design makes getting on and off easier while providing great ground clearance and a rugged, ready-for-anything look. With a 31.5-inch seat height and a taller handlebar, the Trail 125 ABS has a nice, roomy cockpit that makes it comfortable in just about every riding situation, from urban commutes to dirt roads. Additionally, the round headlight looks retro, but its LED performance is totally up to date and provides superior illumination and visibility.

Nobody can match Honda’s reputation for engines, and even though the Trail 125 ABS is relatively compact, it’s a giant in terms of performance and reliability. Air cooling keeps it super simple, too. They switched up the final-drive gearing compared to the Super Cub’s, adding three teeth to the rear sprocket gives it better hill-climbing ability on trails and dirt roads—the kind of places you’ll want to explore. Dirt bikes keep their intake and exhaust up high for better clearance and to keep them further from dirt and water. That’s what we’ve done with the Trail 125 ABS too. The exhaust also features a heat shield and makes a big contribution to this awesome little bike’s overall style. It also features a 220mm front single disc brake for excellent stopping power, along with a 190mm rear disc. There’s even standard front-wheel ABS. An added bonus is the compactness because the Trail 125 ABS is compact, it’s easy to park in the city, to load and unload from a motorhome, and to store when you’re not riding. 

The Trail 125 ABS features a four-speed semi-automatic transmission you shift with your left foot, like a traditional motorcycle. But here’s the unique part: there’s no clutch to worry about. Plus, the Trail 125’s heel-toe shifter makes operation even easier, especially in boots. Real dirt bikes use spoked wheels, and so does the new Trail 125 ABS. They’re big enough to roll along smoothly even in rugged terrain, and they’re strong enough to handle riding on dirt roads. The Trail 125 ABS also has more suspension travel, for a smoother off-pavement ride. The telescopic fork is also protected by rubber accordion boots to keep dust out and it gives it a cool retro look. The Trail 125 ABS’ blackout twin rear shocks and coil springs not only look proper, but they also do a great job of smoothing out the road and trail. Preload adjustment is intuitive and easy. On a bike as rugged as this, a center stand just makes sense. It gives you more parking options than just a side stand, especially if you’re carrying cargo on the rack. It also makes servicing your own bike easier.


The 2021 Honda Trail 125 ABS will be available from November 2020 for an MSRP of $3,899. 

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